PIPING HOT Denim Overall Shorts Womens Size 10

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Brand: Piping Hot

Size & Measurements: 10 / W 45 / L 78

Condition: 9 / 10 Note: Faint mark on the front left, shown in photos. As is.

Colors: Light blue

Features: Iconic Aussie brand. Light blue denim with a light stretch. Relaxed fit, and knotted shoulder straps. Pocket on the front, and at the sides and back. 

Materials: Cotton

* Measurements are in centimetres. W = Waist, lain flat across {not around} / L = Length

* Condition = We have done a thorough quality check twice over and always do our best to identify and list flaws, if any. All items are sold 'As is.’ However, if the item does not match the description, we can absolutely offer a refund or credit.

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