Gold Choker Necklace W/ 4 Pendants Womens Accesory

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A stunning gold colored choker necklace that can slightly stretch open to pop on. Wear if 4 ways with 4 interchangeable pendants featuring:

*A gold snowflake with a faux diamond.

*A five leaf flower with 2 mini faux diamonds in each petal & a larger faux diamond in the centre.

*A tear drop style pendant with faux gems in colors of bronze, emerald light green, fushcia & light blue.

*A tiny black & gold colored heel with faux diamonds.

Or if you have little pendants with the right size loop, change it up! 

It's shiny, sold gold color & style is not scratched or marked and fits an average size neck as featured on the manniquin model neck.

Measurements: 13.5cms wide and 8.2cms in length