Genuine Vintage Made in Britain Wool Jacket Womens Size 12 *On Sale*

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Brand: Full tag not available only size part of the tag left, sorry. But it is definitely Vintage! Made in Britain

Size & Measurements:  UK 12 / EUR 38 / USA 10 / W60  / L80 – We encourage you to verify these with a garment tape for your perfect fit.

Condition:  9/10 In very good Vintage condition, the only noteworthy flaw is pilling throughout but I assure you it does not take away from the glory of this jacket. There are also relatively cheap 'pilling' removal items on the market these days as raved about my many a pre-loved thrifty ladies in the local area. They vouch for their usefulness and how they 'really do work' too :)

Lets talk sbout the price: Look up Vintage or go shopping for it, these days you will not find a price like ours...guaranteed! And this is the type of jacket, even with the pilling, that you will wear winter after winter after winter because it was well made (probably by hand lets be real) and it has quality materials - like 75% Wool! Enough said!

Colors: Navy, green, black.

Features: Put simply this jacket features pure Vintage lusciousness and warmth due it being made of 75% wool - hello! It has a hoodie and pockets for extra warmth!  

Materials: 75% Wool / 25% Nylon


* Measurements are in centimetres. W = Waist lain flat across {not around} / L = Length in full of the whole garment.

* Condition = We have done a thorough quality check twice over & we always do our best to identify & describe flaws, if any. We understand we may miss flaws from time to time so please, let us know if you have any issues by sending us an email Att: Online Customer Care Team

* All proceeds going towards our Charity - The Developing Foundation - Assisting Adults & Children with Brain Injuries.