Genuine Vintage Hand Made Black Velvet Skirt Womens Size S

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Brand: Unknown, appears to be very well tailored / home made. 

Size & Measurements:  No tag / W32  / L81

Condition:  8 / 10 - It is home made, presumably, so some things like the lining is a little rough and one of the two hook clasp closures at the waist is hanging by a thread and needs to be sewn back on (easy fix). However, I did not find any flaws on the outside which is the main beauty of this Vintage skirt.

Colors: Black.

Features: This is what I will be calling a one off piece that is truly divine! It is long, velvet and has a marching band style feature on the whole front, It is high waisted than the skirt is A-line but flared and full! It's truly divine in real life. I am stressing the point that it was home made so you  may want to wear a satin skirt slip underneath as I am pre-warning you that the lining is made of some sort of crepe (hard to explain) material that is definitely not comfortable against your skin. But, this being said, it is a genuinely unique black velvet handmade Vintage skirt, bound to make you happy it's yours! Has a left side zip with 2 clasp clip closure. 

Materials: Unknown but outer is definitely pure velvet. 

* Measurements are in centimetres. W = Waist lain flat across {not around} / L = Length in full of the whole garment. We encourage you to verify these with a garment tape for your perfect fit.

* Condition = We have done a thorough quality check twice over & we always do our best to identify & describe flaws, if any. We understand we may miss flaws from time to time so please, let us know if you have any issues by sending us an email Att: Online Customer Care Team

* All proceeds going towards our Charity - The Developing Foundation - Assisting Adults & Children with Brain Injuries.