ELASTOMERE Emereral Green French Leather Boots Womens Size 6

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Size: 6 / 3 Inch heels / 30.2cms is the total height of the part that slides onto your thigh from the sole of the boot. 

Condition:  6/10 - Fair used condition. Heels could be re-heeled soon and there is some wear and tear on the leather throughout. Seen in pics as best as we can capture. 

Description: Emerald green leather boots made in France, hello! A small niche size these days and not with a zip so please bear that in mind. I've marked them at $14 so you can buy them with fingers crossed that they're the perfect fit and that means they're not too expensive to give it a go. 

Honestly, if they were my size...they would be on my feet, not here for you! 

Materials: Leather, not verified or specified but 99% sure. 

**Condition: We have done a thorough quality check twice & we always do our best to identify & describe flaws, if any. All online stock is sold 'As is' with all proceeds going towards our Charity - The Developing Foundation - Assisting Adults & Children with Brain Injuries.