Colorful Beaded Necklace Womens Accessory

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Brand: Unknown but appears well made. 

Condition: 10/10

Description: A lovely double string style necklace with mother of pearly shimmer to the beads in colors of orange, blue, white and green with little connector beads in gold. Adjustable to suit any size. 

Materials: Unknown but appears of good quality and well made. Colorful beads feel like a type of glass. 

Measurements: Top to bottom 39 cms. 

~ Condition = We have done a thorough quality check twice & we always do our best to identify & describe flaws, if any. We understand we may miss flaws from time to time so please, let us know if you have any issues by sending us an email

~ All proceeds going towards our Charity – The Developing Foundation – Assisting Adults & Children with Brain Injuries.