BLK Muscle Tee Mens Size L

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Brand: BLK

Size & Measurements: Large / W55 / L75

Condition:  10  / 10

Price $9 - A fantastic price for this good brand!

Colors: Sky blue and gray 

Features: A muscle tee for working out and sweating in as it has one of those cooling back features (tiny little mesh holes). It also has a small light reflector strip at the back if you're out exercising after dark. 


* Measurements are in centimeters. W = Waist, lain flat across {not around} / L = Length
+ Condition = We have done a thorough quality check twice over and we always do our best to identify and list flaws, if any. All items are sold 'As is' and all proceeds go towards our Charity - The Developing Foundation - Assisting Adults & Children with Brain Injuries